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[SOGo] cannot open calendar in webinterface

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  • From: Jakob Lenfers < >
  • To: SOGo List < >
  • Subject: [SOGo] cannot open calendar in webinterface
  • Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 13:33:59 +0200


I updated sogo yesterday, from a nightly due to the DST bug to the current stable 1.2.2. Since then it seems that I cannot open the calendar modul from the webinterface. (Thunderbird with integrator or Thunderbird3 with caldav still work.)

I tried with different browsers (FF/IE/Chrome, Windows and Linux), cleared caches, used browsers I never used before (IE :)) so I think I can rule out caches and browsers. (The sogo demo installation works btw)

I restarted all services regarding SOGo after the update (and 10 minutes ago again), which would be sogod, memcached, psql, httpd. (I didn't restart the ldap, cause its used at other places as well, runs on a different system and I guess shouldn't be the problem - login works...)

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, my web-users would be grateful (and would hate me less ;))


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