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Re: [SOGo] synchronization with Outlook

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  • From: Steve Scholl < >
  • To: , Clay Wright < >
  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] synchronization with Outlook
  • Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 13:52:27 +0200

Am 10.05.2010 15:42, schrieb Clay Wright:

Steve Scholl wrote:

I've attached a part of the logfile...I can't see the reasons for my
problems :-(

Hi Steve. Looking at your logs, I can offer two suggestions.

1) Most important, downgrade your Funambol server to an officially
supported version. We're using 8.0 without issue.
Hi Clay,
I'm using Funambol server 8.0 now...but still the same behavior...just the one calendar is making trouble

2) If syncing the cognitec calendar still persists, perhaps try
upgrading the Funambol Outlook Client to 8.5. I've used 8.0.5 and 8.5 on
Outlook XP (2002), but things may be different in Outlook 2007.
Doesn't matter which client I use, the same behavior... :-(
Perhaps it is a problem because I was playing arround a lot. Perhaps I can clean the whole database (without deleting the tables) and recreate the calendars. It is just a test environment anyway.
Am I able to delete all calendars from the database? Which table is the right one?

Thanks again for your help


Thanks again a lot for your help

Certainly. I hope this helps!


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