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Re: [SOGo] synchronization with Outlook

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  • From: Clay Wright < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] synchronization with Outlook
  • Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 08:40:39 -0500

Steve Scholl wrote:

> Hi Clay,
> I'm using Funambol server 8.0 now...but still the same behavior...just
> the one calendar is making trouble


> Doesn't matter which client I use, the same behavior... :-(
> Perhaps it is a problem because I was playing arround a lot. Perhaps I
> can clean the whole database (without deleting the tables) and recreate
> the calendars. It is just a test environment anyway.
> Am I able to delete all calendars from the database? Which table is the
> right one?

I had some odd behaviors too back when I was testing things out and
learning by trial and error. I use Postgres and I seem to recall you're
using MySQL, though if that makes any difference in this issue, I can't

If I want to totally wipe out a user's data and preferences I'll do the

1) Locate all the tables with the user's name and drop them. I see two
sets of tables per user like:

DROP TABLE sogo[user]xxxxxxxxxxx;
DROP TABLE sogo[user]xxxxxxxxxxx_quick;
DROP TABLE sogo[user]xxxxxxxxxxx_acl;

2) Delete the user's preferences and settings.

DELETE FROM sogo_folder_info WHERE c_path2 LIKE '%[user]%';

DELETE FROM sogo_user_profile WHERE c_uid LIKE '%[user]%';

Next time the user logs in, they'll have a clean calendar and address
book and default settings.

To make this easier, you can apparently use the sogo-tool (but I don't
have any experience with it) --



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