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[SOGo] passwordChange and Active Directory

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  • From: Erik Myllymaki < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] passwordChange and Active Directory
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 14:44:40 -0700

I have modified the passwordChange functions in v1.2.2 to work with Active Directory. This involved very little work a all, just the way in which the password is encrypted/encoded, and using the ldap connection in the configuration instead of trying to bind with the current user's credentials to make the password change.

It is working well except for when the password does not satisfy our password policy as set in Active Directory.

Looking at the SOPE code, the return from ldap_modify_s reports success even though the password change was not accepted, due to the password policy.

As a quick work-around I can change the _javascript_ to error on passwords too short in length or not containing mandatory numerals, lower-case and upper-case letters, but if the password is one of the last 5 used, it will fail, though report success.

In previous versions, after the password change you would be forced to re-login - but with v1.2.2 it allows you to continue working in SOGo after the password change which actually doesn't help this issue as it gives the end user confidence that their password change was accepted, though they will find out a bit later on that it was not.

I realize this might be better posted on another forum, but if anyone on this list has any suggestions they would be appreciated.




  • [SOGo] passwordChange and Active Directory, Erik Myllymaki, 05/28/2010

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