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Re: [SOGo] SOGo-Integrator: Disable automatic conversion of personal addressbook+calendar?

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  • From: Martin Lehmann < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] SOGo-Integrator: Disable automatic conversion of personal addressbook+calendar?
  • Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 21:58:19 +0200

Could one of the developers please answer? YES or NO would be enough so I don't need to review the whole Integrator code.


Stephen Ingram wrote:
Martin Lehmann wrote:

is there a possibility in SOGo Integrator to disable the automatic
conversion (and following removal) of Personal addressbooks and
calendars? Can it be set via a variable or switch in the config files of
the Integrator?

I don't want to FORCE all people in our company to move there personal
calendars and addressbooks to the server. It should be their choice!

Maybe somebody wants to use only the company- and group-calendars from
the server and would like to hold there personal calendar on its own PC.

I think it is a really neat feature to be able to perform this address book conversion (my jaw dropped the first time I installed Integrator and saw it perform it's magic), but, like Martin, it's a little scary that you *have* to do this. Not only that, Thunderbird typically maintains a 'Collected Addresses' address book that automatically saves addresses you manually type into an email. This functionality is important to mimic the similar Outlook feature. It is disrupted after the conversion as when you look into the 'Composition/Addressing' option in Preferences, the 'Automatically add outgoing e-mail addresses to my:' option is blank and cannot be set. I suspect this is because the feature only works with local address books (I wouldn't want these addresses in my SOGo addressbook anyway).

Of course you can create a local address book after the Integrator install and then go into the prefs.js file and manually fill-in the local address book name, but this is clearly not the best user experience.

Without removing the feature, perhaps there is a way to offer the 'option' to do the addressbook conversion?


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