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[SOGo] sync problems with calendar and adress book

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  • Subject: [SOGo] sync problems with calendar and adress book
  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 14:44:11 +0200


I've a problem with synchronisation and creation of calendars/contacts

I make a new user and go to web interface, all is ok, I change the calendar name and the adress book name (its important to see the problem), I see the global adress book (with id define in sogo configuration file)

When configure thunderbird with inverse lightning, integrator and connector I have:
- no calendar in the lighning list
- a "personnal" adress book with the generic name
- a "public" adress book (also a generic name)

In order to get the calendar appear in lightning, i must user sogo connector to create a new calendar. After a thunderbird restart, the first calendar appear (with the good name I've defined in webcalendar)

Same thing for adress book, I must create a new adress book with the button of sogo connector and after a restart the first adress books appear (with the good name I've defined in webcontacts), the global address book and the new one

but when I create a new adress book or a new calendar, thunderbird seems to freeze. on sogo server the top command show sogod take 100% of CPU and the only way to bring back CPU utilisation normal is to login on the web interface

When I restart thunderbird, the new calendar/contact is created but with the dbname (like C4555726-9A50-0001-7D27-1AE21B003700)

another issue: adress book is empty (in webinterface this is ok, contacts are present), but calendars seems to work good.

I think I've a big problem on database creation or something like that (postgresql).

please, can you tell me how to find in logs some indication about this problem ?

thanks you

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  • [SOGo] sync problems with calendar and adress book, benoit gautier, 05/31/2010

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