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[SOGo] Calendar Invitation Question

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  • From: Hannes Gruber < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Calendar Invitation Question
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 09:47:52 +0200


I have a Mac/ical/macmail user on my SOGo Server. All the Thunderbird
Lightning Users are Happy, but the Mac user is having troubles accepting
and updating events. He blames the SOGo Server to be the reason for the

If he receives an invitation from a Users Sogo Calendar using Lightning
(wahtever Version), he cannot add it to his SOGO calendar. Only to his
personal Calendar.

He says that it must be the fault of SOGo Server.

I Answered, that SOGo can't be the reason because Sogo is not involved
in this Process, The Invitation attatchment to the e-Mail is created by
Lightning, Sent by Thunderbird recived by apple Mail and handed over to
iCal. If Ical cannot add it to the Caldav Calendar, it can't be SOGos
fault I think.
Although the user can add events to his SOGo CalDAV Calendar via iCal if
they are sent by other iCal users.

I read a lot about similar problems when iCal Users connect their
Calendar to the Google CalDAV Calendar. I assume that this is a Bug in iCal.

Am I right, anyone experienced the same?


  • [SOGo] Calendar Invitation Question, Hannes Gruber, 06/29/2010

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