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Re: [SOGo] perfect confusion

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] perfect confusion
  • Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 09:34:14 +0200

Hi Ingo,

Am 06.08.2010 07:20, schrieb
I guess LDAP is a little bit too big for my purposes. I have about 5 clients
right now and it will prob not get bigger than 10.
I think so.
We in our company use SOGo with LDAP, because there is a running AD-Server, but we use only the Auth-Component of LDAP/AD. But I worked with other fully db setups.

I didn't find setup instructions for mysql (I am familiar with that). Could
you be so kind and point me in the right direction?
Please look there:
Sogo-Doc Chapter "Database Configuration", Page 26
(it is mainly for PostgreSQL, but it is easy to transfer to mysql)

This table-structure for the auth-table works for me:
CREATE TABLE sogo_auth
c_uid varchar(255) NOT NULL,
c_name varchar(255) default NULL,
c_password varchar(255) default NULL,
c_cn varchar(255) default NULL,
mail varchar(255) default NULL,

As you can see the columns are reflecting to LDAP ... like mentioned at page 27

Have you configured your server like the description in the docs? Did you
configure Apache proxy for port 20000? Does the sogo-daemon run?
I think so. I didn't use the apache-config since apache didn't start when I
put in the suggested config. I guess there is something missing (proxy
prob). But it runs on http://mydomain.tld:20000
Port 20000 of SOGo is only for internal use and have to be bind on localhost or a loadbalancer, but please DO NOT ACCESS SOGo directly!

SOGo speaks only http 1.0 and a SOGo-Server have to be setup together with an Apache or an NGinx as proxy server! SOGo is developed for a proxy configuration ...

On which operating system did you install SOGo (Debian, Ubuntu, Centos ...)?

Viele Grüße,

Martin Rabl

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