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Re: [SOGo] Constraints based on group membership

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  • From: Daniel Berteaud < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Constraints based on group membership
  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 19:52:35 +0200
  • Organization: Firewall Services

Le lundi 09 août 2010 à 16:32 +0800, James Andrewartha a écrit :

> I'm in a similar position, except I wanted to not list certain users in the
> address book. I just moved the SOGo users into a new ou=calstaff located
> inside ou=People, and told SOGo to use ou=calstaff,ou=People as the search
> base. By relying on the DIT structure it is a gross hack, but it works.
> Other LDAP things still work fine because they default to search scope=sub.

Unfortunately, I cannot move some of my users in a different ou as my
LDAP database is auto-generated (I'm using SME Server distro, which is
really great BTW).

I think the only solution would be some changes in SOGo, and that
constraints can use group membership in addition to simple LDAP filters.

Regards, Daniel

Daniel Berteaud
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