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  • From: "J. Echter (Elektro Mayer Echter GmbH)" < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] General Use of SOGo
  • Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:56:47 +0100

Am 30.11.2010 15:46, schrieb Martin Rabl:

Am 30.11.2010 15:33, schrieb J. Echter (Elektro Mayer Echter GmbH):
Am 30.11.2010 15:19, schrieb Martin Rabl:
Do you login with
" "?

yes, i need to use my e-mail login-data to use our external imap server.
Hm, this does IMHO not depend on your login (uid you said), but on the email-field.

Pls. look at Chapter "IMAP Server Configuration" in the installation docu:


Parameter used to specify if, when logging in to
the IMAP server, the primary email address of the
user will be used instead of the username.
Possible values are :
* NO
Defaults to NO when unset.

i have all data set to

except sn=Administrator.

I set the SOGoForceIMAPLoginWithEmail to YES, i also tried to add Administrator as SOGoSuperuser. Somethings wrong over here...

i'll check my config again, or today at night. i need to have some more time and silence for this tasks :)

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