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Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync for SOGo

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  • From: Martin Lehmann < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync for SOGo
  • Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 01:45:09 +0100

Hi Steve,

I don't think that you can change to 1.4 without problems.

As Bo states on his homepage he uses the z-push implementation from "Forget About IT" which has caldav-support and is based on 1.3.


Am 15.12.2010 11:53, schrieb Stephan Heck:
" type="cite"> Hi Bo,

thanks a lot for sharing this! Just what we were waiting for! I just wrote a mail to you personally but wanted to post to the list, so i am re-sending this mail again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Your extension makes sogo usable for nearly every mobile device - which is really great!

Just one question concerning the version of z-push you used: Their license of the newest version is still open source and very open-source friendly, isnt it? I am asking because of their changelog for version 1.4 (which is the latest stable) "This version fixes several issues with recurring Meeting Requests on the mobiles."

Is it possible to use your backend with the newest version?

Thanks again - really an early chrismas present!


>I've been working a bit to get z-push working for SOGo. Since I own a
>relatively old Android phone which isn't supported by the funambol
>android client, I decided to get z-push working for SOGo. This version
>of z-push uses Caldav, Carddav, and IMAP (it is based on a relatively
>old version of z-push in order to keep the code GPL).
>Let me know if you think it is useful:

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