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Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird Fetching Wrong Certificates After Update to1.3.4

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird Fetching Wrong Certificates After Update to1.3.4
  • Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 11:26:54 -0700
  • Organization: Global Change Multi-Media

That helped, also going into the pref.js and deleting cached entries helped. Now I've narrowed it down to two address books which are still set to https, but I cannot delete them. They simply refuse to be deleted. Any insights?


On 1/4/2011 10:22 AM, Ludovic Marcotte wrote:
On 11-01-04 12:19 PM, Asai wrote:
OK, I have fixed those issues, thanks for catching that, it always helps to have another pair of eyes when your own are tired. But the problem still persists, although I've uninstalled and reinstalled all extensions twice. It's still trying to connect via port 443. Could this be a caching problem with Thunderbird?
Look at your calendar/address book URLs and if you see "https:", delete those. If those are your "personal" calendar/address book, disable SOGo Integrator, restart Thunderbird, remove them, reenable SOGo Integrator, restart Thunderbird.

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