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[SOGo] Funambol not synchronizing with SoGo server

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  • Subject: [SOGo] Funambol not synchronizing with SoGo server
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 18:50:26 -0500 (EST)


I'm new to the world of SOGo. However in the quest to maintain control of my
data, I find that the service/software offered by SOGo and Funambol is
invaluable. So thank you to the community of developers.

I just joined the world of Android phones and am attempting to avoid using
Google's services for contacts and calendar. I have successfully followed the
SOGo instructions with the ZEG server and have an operational host with the
sogod running. The web interface for email, calendar, addressbook and tasks is
working fine.

I also activated the Funambol server on the ZEG appliance and am successfully
able to sync my Android v2.1 phone to the Funambol server. However, the data
does not appear to make it to the SOGo server. To be clear, the Android device
(Funambol Android sync client v9.1.0 reports a successful sync. The number of
records it transfers to Funambol is accurate. I can login to the Postgres
server on the ZEG host and I can see the records in the database.

funambol=> select userid,status,completed,subject from fnbl_pim_calendar where
userid = 'sogo2';
userid | status | completed | subject
sogo2 | N | | Nee one today\r
sogo2 | N | | Setup sync with Gmail Tasks or Producteev
sogo2 | N | | Add a widget to your desktop
sogo2 | N | | Create your first task

So the tasks that got created on the phone made it to Funambol. But they do
seem to be making it to the SOGo installation. I am using the SOGo connector
Funambol module, but something is not working. I cannot figure out based on
ds-server logs where and what is broken. Can someone clue me in as to what I
should be looking for to verify that the data indeed makes it from Funambol
the way back to the "sogo" database?

How can I begin to debug this? This is the last step in my verifying that SOGo
will indeed work for my situation.


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