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[SOGo] SQL-auth, free/busy and Thunderbird...

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  • From: Stefan Helms < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] SQL-auth, free/busy and Thunderbird...
  • Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 20:12:09 +0100
  • Organization: Fachhochschule Köln, Bibliothek

Hello everybody,

I am just in the process of deploying SOGo 1.3.5a (just upgraded) with authentication via SQL, Thunderbird 3.1.7, Lightning 1.0b2.104i, SOGo Connector 3.104 and SOGo Integrator 3.104.

After a lot of struggling with the configuration almost everything works, but free/busy using Thunderbird still doesn't.
Using the webinterface everything is fine but the free/busy interface in TB just flashes (almost to fast to see) existing appointments of prospective attendees and then always shows them as free.
If I explicitly type in the email address as instead of the canonical as used in our system and returned by the address book (SQL), it works.

Interestingly, for users with MailDomain (used to implement a simple ressource scheduling by piping appointment invitations to a script which automatically accepts invitations using curl) it works... The only differences with these users (as far as I can tell) are the mail domain, and the fact that our ressource users do not have an IMAP account.

I tried different settings for SOGoMailDomain ('', '' and empty string), but to no avail.

Can anyone give me a hint about what's wrong here?

Our configuration:
SOGo server:
IMAP server:
SMTP server:

sogod SOGoDraftsFolderName INBOX/Drafts
sogod SOGoSMTPServer localhost
sogod SOGoUserSources '(
canAuthenticate = YES;
displayName = "globales Adressbuch";
id = abook;
isAddressBook = YES;
type = sql;
userPasswordAlgorithm = md5;
viewURL =
"mysql://sogo: :3306/sogo/sogo_abook_view";
sogod SOGoIMAPServer imaps://
sogod SOGoLanguage German
sogod OCSEMailAlarmsFolderURL mysql://sogo: :3306/sogo/sogo_alarms_folder
sogod SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles '(
sogod SOGoFirstDayOfWeek 1
sogod SOGoProfileURL
mysql://sogo: :3306/sogo/sogo_user_profile
sogod SOGoTimeZone Europe/Berlin
sogod SOGoFreeBusyDefaultInterval '(
sogod LDAPDebugEnabled YES
sogod SOGoLoginModule Calendar
sogod SOGoMailingMechanism smtp
sogod SOGoTrashFolderName INBOX/Trash
sogod SOGoSieveServer sieve://
sogod SOGoSuperUsernames '(
sogod SOGoMailDomain
sogod OCSFolderInfoURL mysql://sogo: :3306/sogo/sogo_folder_info
sogod SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled YES
sogod SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled NO
sogod SOGoDebugRequests YES
sogod SOGoSentFolderName INBOX/Sent
sogod SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications YES

Stefan Helms
Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration
(IT Specialist for Systems Integration)

Fachhochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences)
Bibliothek IWZ 2021
Betzdorfer Str. 2
50679 Köln

Tel. : +49 221 / 8275-2721
Fax : +49 221 / 8275-72721

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