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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] free/busy and Thunderbird...
  • Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2011 11:15:31 -0500
  • Organization: Inverse inc.

Hello Stefan,
I'm getting desperate. 4 days to deadline, so here's another cry for help:

I still can't get free/busy in Lightning to work, while it's working fine in the web interface.
So far I found out that it works only if the local part of the email address matches the folder name for the user, which in our environment ist not the common case.
Our users have a short login name (some short form of their full names, but following no consistent pattern) while the local part of the official email address is /almost/ always <givenname>.<sn>.
(Before you ask: No, I have no influence on this. Our LDAP, IMAP and SMTP servers are centrally managed by the computing center for the whole university.)

Now, the problem is that SOGo seems to default to naming database tables and folders after the login.
There is one user in our database for whom both tables and folders named after the login (uid) and named after his email exist, so i presume this is doable and at some point during my experiments I've been almost there.

How can I force SOGo to consistently name user folders according to the local part of the email address, or alternatively Lightning to look up and use the uid to the mail address entered in free/busy?

In a previous email, you mentioned "So it's either sending out invitations without a working free/busy or a working free/busy without any invitations... "

So, it's not clear what you did. Also, it's not clear if you still use SQL-based authentication as you mention "LDAP" above.

Please clear up what you did to achieve what and share your .GNUstepDefaults, together with LDAP's ldif entries of a few users and/or SQL rows for users.


Ludovic Marcotte

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