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[SOGo] Thunderbird initial calendar load terribly slow

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  • From: Raffael Bachmann < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Thunderbird initial calendar load terribly slow
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 20:29:01 +0200

Hi Everyone

We are right now switching from Thunderbird 2 to 3.1. Almost everything works
fine and we are quite happy with SOGo. The only problem is, that the initial
load of all subscribed calendars is extremely slow. I'm talking about more
than an hour for those who have many calendars subscribed. I don't see where
the problem is. The Client computer is not busy at all. Thunderbird only uses
about 3 % of the CPU. The Server is idle as well. The network connection is
not a problem too, since there is a lot bandwidth left.
I see that the "calendar-data/cache.sqlite" is growing in this time and while
not finished Thunderbird is unusable. At the end its about 40MB for those
many calendars. (for me its about 5.5MB and needs ~10 minutes)
So why does lightning need more than an hour to build a 40MB cache file?
Kind of the same problem occurs if one subscribes a new calendar with many
entries. There is no problem in the web interface, but for Thunderbird this
needs minutes.

The Problem already existed in Thunderbird 2 but now its more a problem since
everyone needs to reload all calendars for switching.

Does anybody else has this Problem or even better know a solution?


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