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Re: [SOGo] Lists create duplicate Contacts

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  • From: Wolfgang Sourdeau < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Lists create duplicate Contacts
  • Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:58:41 -0400

Le 11-04-29 09:45, Stefan Helms a écrit :
Hello SOGo users,

whenever I create a contact list in my addressbook (using autocompletion via a global LDAP backed addressbook) all the contacts I add to this list are also added to the addressbook.
This is somewhat unconvenient, because all those contacts already exist in the global LDAP (or maybe some other personal addressbook), so there's no need to have them duplicated in another book.
That's because you have configured Thunderbird to do this. You need to go to the prefs window "Compose" (3rd tab), "Addressing" (2nd tab) and uncheck the option with a label saying something like "Add the addresses of outgoing messages in...".

Even more annoying is the fact that sometimes those contacts are created twice, or a second one pops up if one already existed beforehand...
That's one of the bugs in Thunderbird.

Please don't mention "sogo-tool remove-doubles". I can't do this for every user and it might very well delete the one instance of a contact containing address, telephone, etc. in the most current version leaving an incomplete or out-of-date version behind. This is not an acceptable solution.
Not really. "remove-doubles" has an "intelligent" logic in it where the most complete contact card is preferred over the other ones. That's because, generally the cards that are doubled by Thunderbird only have a full name and an email address.
But it's still true that it should normally not be used often and when it is, be used carefully.


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