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[SOGo] SOGo on QNAP TS 439 Pro

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  • From: Dominique < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] SOGo on QNAP TS 439 Pro
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 09:50:50 +0200


I am trying to install SOGo on a QNAP TS 439 Pro ( I thought it would be a nice complement to XDOVE, a mail package including xmail and dovecot. Since the QNAP already support Funambol, I thought it would be a nice all in one solution with sufficient processing power and low power consumption.

I succeeded on a TS 109 reformatted to Debian, so I figured it would not be that complicated on 'normal' INTEL CPU after fighting with the ARMs. I have several other successful installs of SOGo on other Linux platforms on INTEL.

The linux version is a custom build one, making things more complicated than usual. It does use ipkg packages offering complements to the linux version not need by the standard product.

Basically, to get SOGo to work, you need to install SOPE. To get SOPE, you need GNUSTEP. And that's where the problem is. It has a very long requirement list and all needs are not met:

• make Required
• binutils Depends on OS
• iconv If no glibc -> glib
• gcc Required
• libffi Required (N/A on OPKG/IPKG)
• ffcall Optional
• gmp Optional
• guile For guile scripting
• openssl Recommended
• libtiff Required
• libpng Recommended
• libjpeg Recommended
• libxml Required -> libxml2
• audiofile Recommended
• WindowMaker Recommended
• libobjc ONLY MinGW/Cygwin or gcc2

Most of those (required and recommended) can be found through ipkg, except libffi - or ffcall. Since none of those two are available, I tried to build libffi as being the preferred of the two. The end results is no go: pages and pages of syntax error when configuring is going through the gawk part. I am willing to keep on looking how to built this and eventually having it formatted as a QPKG (the QNAP packages format) but I need a hand. So if anyone is willing, I'll appreciate.


  • [SOGo] SOGo on QNAP TS 439 Pro, Dominique, 06/30/2011

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