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[SOGo] Add a contact via script

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  • Subject: [SOGo] Add a contact via script
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 10:36:13 +0200


I would like to be able add/update contacts (carddav) using script.
I don't mind coding it, but i am missing some information by looking at the log file.

SOgo automatically add repetitive email an contact.
How ever i use a tools for appointment and i would like to have all my customer in a dedicated addressbook so i can easily access the contact the from iPhone/iPad/webmail.

As of now, i have to add them manually and i do have like 600 contacts and around 20 contacts every week where maybe a third is new.

I could use an LDAP to add all client but it will be read only and will be painfull to edit LDAP entry in case of a missing field or spell error insert by the customer.

One way would be to script the web interface using wget/curl, the other way and probably easier way, would be modify/update directly the DB.

Apache Log
"GET /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal/newcontact HTTP/1.1" 302 20
"GET /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal//4743-4E2E7480-1-32B70580.vcf/editAsContact HTTP/1.1" 200 5403
"POST /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal/4743-4E2E7480-1-32B70580.vcf/saveAsContact HTTP/1.1" 200 321
"POST /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal/4743-4E2E7480-1-32B70580.vcf/delete HTTP/1.1" 204 -

Sogo Log
"GET /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal/newcontact HTTP/1.1" 302 0/0 0.029 - - 24K
"GET /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal//4743-4E2E7480-1-32B70580.vcf/editAsContact HTTP/1.1" 200 5403/0 0.022 21674 75% 120K
"POST /SOGo/so/username/Contacts/personal/4743-4E2E7480-1-32B70580.vcf/saveAsContact HTTP/1.1" 200 439/735 0.015 - - 32K

How is this ID "4743-4E2E7480-1-32B70580" generated?
Because i do have existing contact and the format is "C488F672-CA60-0001-1561-E6B019C010B1"


  • [SOGo] Add a contact via script, xbgmsharp, 07/26/2011

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