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[SOGo] ACLs in Thunderbird and Webmailer

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  • From: Michael Pasdziernik < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] ACLs in Thunderbird and Webmailer
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 14:27:49 +0200

Hi All,

we have just managed to setup Sogo with Postfix/Dovecot/MySQL and its really cool!

But there are some problems regarding IMAP ACLs

1) ACLs in the Webmailer

Using the Webmailer I am not able to open the ACL-dialog in dovecot shared or public folders.
Setup: shared a folder "Shared-Test" to with all

The error message in Firefox is:

An error occurred during object publishing
tried to access private object (0x0x103bac0, SoClass=SOGoMailFolder)

And in the sogo.log:

Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| starting method 'GET' on uri '/SOGo/so/ /Mail/0/foldershared/folderadmin_A_cognesys_D_de/folderShared-Test/acls'
Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| lookup name:

Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| did not find key ' ' in SoClass: <0x0xa70420[SoObjCClass]: super=0x0xa6db30 objc=SOGo slots=GET,toolbar,casProxy,view,index,changePassword,connect>
Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| looked up value: (nil)
Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| lookup in root object: (nil)
Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| GOT: (nil)
Jul 27 14:21:01 sogod [6121]: |SOGo| request took 0.133657 seconds to execute
localhost.localdomain - - [27/Jul/2011:14:21:01 GMT] "GET /SOGo/so/ /Mail/0/foldershared/folderadmin_A_cognesys_D_de/folderShared-Test/acls HTTP/1.1" 403 235/0 0.134 - - 0

2) ACLs in Thunderbird

In Thunderbird there is no ACL-dialog on IMAP folders at all, only for calendar and adressbooks. We have setup Thunderbird according to the documentation and it works fine. Is there a special configuration key to add?

Thank you and regards

  • [SOGo] ACLs in Thunderbird and Webmailer, Michael Pasdziernik, 07/27/2011

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