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  • Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 16:10:13 -0700

Voted too ... This is such a great tool. I CANNOT live without it. Hate to be stuck on TB3.1 for now.
Thanks for your support!

2011/8/25 Ludovic Marcotte < "> >
On 22/08/11 09:39, Julian Robbins wrote:
Ludovic : would you like to say something as to the timescale for Thunderbird 5/6 support ? I know inverse is busy with the Outlook work too, but I think letting us know your plans will help us all ...
Here's my take on this.

Porting the SOGo Connector/Integrator is generally not long.

What's long is porting all the improvements we've done to Lightning.

When we did the changes back in Lightning 0.9, we submitted all of them to Mozilla for inclusion. Not all of them were included (lack of time from their side). Our patches then bitrotted.

When we ported them again to Thunderbird 3.1, we resubmitted patches but again, not all of them were included and they bitrotted again.

We're now pretty much down to three patches to be included so we don't have to modify Lightning again. Those are:
  1. refresh killer:
  2. offline mode support:
  3. hooks / stubs mechanisms:
The last one will allow us to move our ACL code directly in the SOGo Connector/Integrator extensions. So we won't have to modify Lightning anymore.

That being said, those 3 bugs should be fixed for Lightning 1.0. You should all vote on the bugs so the patches finally get included.

Lightning 1.0 will most likely require Thunderbird 7. If that's the case, that's the version we'll support after 3.1.

Ludovic Marcotte

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