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[SOGo] Branches, v2.0 and Native Outlook Compatibility

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  • Subject: [SOGo] Branches, v2.0 and Native Outlook Compatibility
  • Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 19:30:20 -0400
  • Organization: Inverse inc.


Some of you might see, starting from tomorrow's nightly builds, that SOGo will have a version number of 2.0.0. Yeah, that's right, SOGo v2.0 is coming.

But, prior v2.0 is released, SOGo v1.3.9 will be, of course - as well as other v1.3, most likely. We created the ca.inverse.sogo.1_3_9 branch ( just for this purpose.

Nightly builds will now be tagged as v2.0.0. So, what it is all about? Important changes :-)

SOGo v2.0.0beta1, which is set to be released early next week will feature native Microsoft Outlook compatibility. It'll be the first version, after twelve technological previews, to officially include native support for Outlook. That means that anyone will be able to connect Outlook to SOGo, just like if it was an Exchange server - without any plugins, nothing. The first beta should be solid - enough to start putting normal users on it.

As soon as beta1 is released, we'll then add the Python bindings, which are ready. That means that anyone will be able to extend SOGo's functionality using the Python programming language.

Of course, those changes are quite intrusive. The core of SOGo, just like it is right now, should stay very solid and stable. Testing of all our changes will of course be appreciated using the nightly builds, or the ZEG we'll keep up-to-date with SOGo v2.0 beta releases.

I tell you, v2.0 is gonna be outstanding.


Ludovic Marcotte

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  • [SOGo] Branches, v2.0 and Native Outlook Compatibility, Ludovic Marcotte, 09/30/2011

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