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Re: [SOGo] CalDAV and iOS5

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] CalDAV and iOS5
  • Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 16:37:57 +0100

Are you sure you restarted sogo after installing the upgrade ?


Am 03.11.2011 16:36, schrieb Peter Seipel:
Am 01.11.2011 11:16, schrieb Peter Seipel:
Hi, I upgraded to sogo 1.3.9 too.
Created a new CalDAV Calendar account on iOS 5 Iphone.

But the calendar dont apear in calendar iphone overwiew.
Any hits for me?

The error messages I got are: - - [03/Nov/2011:16:28:28 GMT] "PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/mschaab/ HTTP/1.1" 401 0/181 0.012 - - 12K
2011-11-03 16:28:29.241 sogod[29595] File NSKeyValueCoding.m: 892. In [SOGoUserFolder -valuesForKeys:] This method is deprecated, use -dictionaryWithValuesForKeys:
2011-11-03 16:28:29.241 sogod[29595] -[WEClientCapabilities initWithRequest:]: Unknown WebClient: user-agent='iOS/5.0 (9A334) Preferences/1.0' - - [03/Nov/2011:16:28:29 GMT] "PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/mschaab/ HTTP/1.1" 207 538/181 0.017 - - 84K
2011-11-03 16:28:29.339 sogod[29595] -[WEClientCapabilities initWithRequest:]: Unknown WebClient: user-agent='iOS/5.0 (9A334) Preferences/1.0' - - [03/Nov/2011:16:28:29 GMT] "OPTIONS /SOGo/dav/mschaab/ HTTP/1.1" 200 0/0 0.002 - - 8K - - [03/Nov/2011:16:28:35 GMT] "PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/mschaab/ HTTP/1.1" 401 0/823 0.011 - - 0 - - [03/Nov/2011:16:28:35 GMT] "PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/mschaab/ HTTP/1.1" 207 616/823 0.015 1946 68% 68K - - [03/Nov/2011:16:28:35 GMT] "OPTIONS /SOGo/dav/mschaab/ HTTP/1.1" 200 0/0 0.002 - - 0

Am 31.10.2011 14:56, schrieb Jason Wohlford:

On Oct 31, 2011, at 4:07 AM, Christian Roessner wrote:


I am using several iPhones with SOGo. We had the 4th iOS version on the
smartphones, but two of us upgraded to iOS5. This broke our calendars.
We all have at least two calendars. The problem show up in that way that
we do not see all of our calendars. In my case, I have the standard
calendar and a calendar called Test. After updateing I only get the Test

Even disabling the CalDAV calendar in the settings menu and reactivating
it, does not solve the problem.

I waited for 1.3.9, as the problem arised with an earlier version. But
today I upgraded to 1.3.9 and the problem persists.

I've upgraded to 1.3.9 as well and am still having problems with
calendars on iOS 5. I had problems on iOS 4 too, but once I hid all
the calendars and then unhid them they would all appear. The same
trick does not work for me on iOS 5 even after the upgrade.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Peter Seipel

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