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[SOGo] Sogo - something for my webhosting company

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  • Subject: [SOGo] Sogo - something for my webhosting company
  • Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 10:35:05 +0100


(I have send this email to Invert, a month ago, but got no reply. So I hope
this user group can help me out...)

I'm a newbee when it comes to Sogo. I run a a server for a very low level
hosting company. It is kind of bleeding to death, as I had little time to
manage the business, as well as I found I needed something new to offer.
A few years ago already I sniffed at Funambol, but found that still
something was missing as a complete service. I think Sogo could be it.

I went through the documentation and was trying to understand how to
integrate this software in my existing system. It was here I realised I
needed a script that can be called when I need to install a new domain,
or upgrade an existing one.

Just to clarify the picture: I use a control panel called Hostflow
(, that allows the customer
to order a webhosting solution from the website, or directly from the
Control panel. The customer selects a
package, a domain name, and confirms. The control panel does the rest. It
configures and provisions all services required, like postfix, apache,
mysql, php, and so on. A user account is created so that the customer has
access to the CP, and can upgrade, change, renew etc. The control panel
manager box is on one server, the mail, web, DNS etc are on another
server. The manager box can handle multiple servers.

If I was to offer Sogo as a service (free, included in whatever package
they have), it would be an advantage to have this hands free. In other
words, the CP manager box knows what to do when ever a customer f.ex.
would upgrade to activate Sogo for their domain. All is database driven.
All config parameters are stored in postgresql, and so provisioning a new
service is done according to these parameters. No config files are diectly
tampered with. If ever the CP manager goes down, all services will
continue to run, and one could even manually edit the conf files to keep

Right now I am just exploring the possibilities. The way I see it the Sogo
server should be installed as a unique service (just like there is only
one apache server). So from the CP, when configuring a new server, I
could say that server XYZ should run all packages required for a sogo
installation. But basically no domain should be active. Then, when
configuring a domain name with what services it should run, domain would have f.ex. apache, postfix, dns on servers with ID 10000
and 10001, and Sogo on server ID 10003. A provision script then takes the
parameters from the database, and fires of a series of install scripts.

This is f.ex. what happens when a domain is created via the Hostflow
control panel: User accounts are created for accessing the CP. Email
accounts are created (it here it gets interesting...). First the user
data and email account information is stored in the database. Next
Postfix is being provisioned from a script that reads the db info, and
then configures Postfix where it creates the new email accounts.

You see where I am getting at? So the main question is:

I have postfix, postgresql, mysql, php and stuff allready on my servers.
How does Sogo fits in? Is it best to have seperate postfix mysql or other
services for Sogo? What do you suggest?

I also need to look at how I can have the programmers from Hostflow to
integrate and automate the provisioning of a clean server install, as
well as provisioning per domain. I have been reading about some home brew
scripts that automate the installation, but I rather have your
programmers and the guys from Hostflow do the integration.

I also found a script here


but am not sure what this is all about... It looks like a Sogo automated
install, but not with all services required. This is something I can
control however from the CP manager box.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Harry M. Aasterud

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