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Re: [SOGo] authenticationFilter is not in use with autocomplete

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  • From: Juanjo Garcia < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] authenticationFilter is not in use with autocomplete
  • Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 13:39:08 +0100

Title: Documento sin título
I've noticed if there aren't any interest to, from my viewpoint, fix this issue. I'm not a Objective-C programmer, but I think it doesn't require a lot of code, mostly because authenticationFilter is used during authentication, and I think I can solve this with a little of "copy & paste" and make a build on my own. But if we want SOGo became an enterprise grade software, this must be done on the main source, and mantained on every build.

As far I know, ISP isolate domains inside mail server, so there is no effective way to share folders between domains, so there is no advantage of providing a big list of users, filled with users which you can select, but they will never work.

Profit from Open Source developments is hard to get, so I will take in consideration if there is any way to sponsor changes or features on SOGo development.

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El 21/12/11 10:16, Paul van der Vlis escribió:
" type="cite">
Op 20-12-11 19:33, Juanjo Garcia schreef:
I'm using authenticationFilter on mysql and it works fine with numerical
clauses, but I've seen that this clause is not in use when filling autocomplete
fields for ACL, mostly because you don't want to give permissions to anyone who
can't access, and because it will offer a way to limit the users shown in this

Showing all users on autocomplete fields is also a security problem, because
one user can see all usernames, and, in my case, their email addresses.
For me this is a problem too. When you have one firm what uses Sogo it's
no point, but when different little organisations or private persons are
using it on one installation, it's not nice. I would like a way to
turn-off the autocompletion.

Maybe it's possible now to make groups of users. where the users can see
only the others of the group. But I don't know how to realize that, and
I am afraid it's a bit to complex for my situation.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

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