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Re: [SOGo] Set Content-Type for text/html to utf-8 by default

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  • From: Anthony Callegaro < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Set Content-Type for text/html to utf-8 by default
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 11:18:43 +0000

Ludovic, Francis, any chance of solving this issue, or any idea of a
workaround ?

Thanks for any help

On 04/01/12 14:57, Anthony Callegaro wrote:
> Hey there,
> We switch from Apache to Nginx some months ago and everything seemed to
> be fine, but I recently noticed that our French customers had some
> encoding display issue. When setting Sogo's Language to French I realize
> that the sent folders "Envoyés" was displayed incorrectly as well as all
> the accentuated names in the mail list. The preview pane however is fine.
> After some investigation it seems that Sogo does not set the charset for
> most of its text content (css/html). Apache with the AddDefaultCharset
> directive didn't have the issue but nginx is behaving differently.
> I tried to force the charset to utf-8 but it seems that nginx will only
> modify the charset returned and won't add one if it is empty. I tried :
> charset utf-8;
> override_charset on;
> or even adding the following :
> charset_map iso-8859-1 utf-8 {}
> source_charset iso-8859-1;
> In Firefox the lack of content-type is defaulted to iso8859-1. Customers
> using Chrome are fine as it default to utf-8.
> I thought this could be set in GNUStep but after grep-ing through the
> Sogo code I could see that headers are set explicitly.
> Did anybody encountered the same issue ?
> Is there a hidden GNUStep/SOGo parameter to change that behaviour ?
> So far I think I tried everything possible on the Nginx side :
> - default charset : doesn't change as charset is empty
> - proxy_set_header : only able to modify headers passed to the remote host
> - proxy_hide_header : can not be use in a condition
> - add_header : can only add a header a can't modify them.
> - more_set_headers : if it works that should be the one I need but it
> require to re-compile nginx which I would like to do on a last resort.
> Is there a particular reason why Sogo does not set the charset for HTML
> output ?
> Thanks in advance
> LeTic

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