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Re: [SOGo] Failed login after adding ldap index for uid attribute

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  • From: Georg Bretschneider < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Failed login after adding ldap index for uid attribute
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 22:30:46 +0100
  • Openpgp: id=8256F149

I'm still having this problems when trying to index "uid" in openldap.
Withouth uid being index, openldap gives warnings. That's not a big
issue, but actually a) I think indexing the uid is useful and b) I
really want to satisfy my ldap service. ;)

Does anybody might have any guess?


Am 01.01.2012 20:22, schrieb Georg Bretschneider:
> I just saw something.
> After I login I get redirected to
> https://{url}/SOGo/so/{localpart}@{domainpart}
> With the "extra" index still in place (for uid) I actually got redirected to
> https://{url}/SOGo/so/{localpart}%40{domainpart}
> And the escape sequence was present in the error message. So, I guess
> SOGo didn't found my object in the mysql database because of the wrong
> string? (The uids in my ldap databases are build with the {localpart}.)
> Why would this happen?
> Bye
> Georg
> Am 01.01.2012 20:15, schrieb Georg Bretschneider:
>> Hi,
>> I finally added some indexes to my ldap databases.
>> But after not just adding indexes for attributes mentioned in the
>> documentation:
>> givenName
>> cn
>> mail
>> sn
>> but also adding:
>> index uid eq,pres
>> I couldn't log in to sogo getting the error message:
>> object not found: SOGo => [email adress of the user i tried to login with]
>> I actually found the mention of an index for uid in the openldap
>> documentation and I found it to be useful.
>> Can someone tell me why this happened? After deleting the index for uid
>> everything works fine.
>> (Of course, after every database change I used slapindex with the
>> openldap user. At no time there were error messages.)
>> Bye
>> Georg

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