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[SOGo] Sharing/modifying contacts and events problems in ZEG 2b4

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  • From: Fabian Rodriguez < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Sharing/modifying contacts and events problems in ZEG 2b4
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 13:08:02 -0500


I've setup the latest ZEG (2b4) and I am using Outlook 2010 to test a
few test cases with the default users (sogo1,sogo2,sogo3):

1- Share sogo2's calendar and create a new address book in sogo2, and
share both with full rights
2- Configure sogo1 for use with Outlook 2010, add sogo2's shared
addressbook and calendar
3- Create/modify events using the web interface (sogo2)
4- Check if the calendar and contacts added in web interface (and
modifications) are visible in Outlook 2010 and vice-versa
5- Create/modify events in sogo2's shared calendar/contacts using
Outlook 2010 (as sogo1)

So far I can do 1) and 2), 3) works too, although I can't add sogo2's
shared calendar. It's always shown as "not connected" despite adding it
from the addressbook.

I assumed if a user was subscribe to another user's shared calendar, I
wouldn't need to add it explicitly. In Outlook 2010 I can add only
sogo1's calendar, then any other calendars I add always show up as
"aucune connection" (no connections).

When I tried 4) I was able to:
- see only the first event I ever created under sogo1, changes from
Outlook 2011 are silently ignored, changes from web interfaces show up
after Shift-F9
- see all shared contacts, changes/additions from Outlook 2010 fail with
an error message indicating a full mailbox (?)

Never got to 5) as even local events disappear after a sync from Outlook
(separate thread).

Although I have the OK to use Thunderbird for this project I was hoping
some of the clients could keep their current Outlook installation. Is
anyone having the same experience I am ? Seems I'll have to wait longer
on this one. Thanks for sharing any results you may have from testing
this w/Outlook.


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  • [SOGo] Sharing/modifying contacts and events problems in ZEG 2b4, Fabian Rodriguez, 01/23/2012

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