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[SOGo] Still can't download attachments on Web Interface

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  • From: "Leon L. Robinson" < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Still can't download attachments on Web Interface
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 14:45:23 +0000

I upgraded to SOGo 1.3.11 a while ago and now I can't download any

In the browser I get
Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request
GET /SOGo/so/baggypants/Mail/0/folderINBOX/6310/2/Christ Central

Reason: Error reading from remote server

In Sogo log I Get

Jan 25 14:41:04 sogod [921]: [ERROR]
<0x0x9b33ebc[UIxMailRenderingContext]> found no viewer for MIME type:
localhost.localdomain - - [25/Jan/2012:14:41:04 GMT]
"POST /SOGo/so/baggypants/Mail//0/folderINBOX/6310/view?noframe=1
HTTP/1.1" 200 1561/0 0.366 4504 65% 0
EXCEPTION: <NSException: 0x9bdf85c> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException
REASON:NGImap4Connection(instance) does not recognize
fetchContentOfBodyPart:atURL:withPeek: INFO:(null)
Jan 25 14:41:06 sogod [27135]: <0x0x98407c4[WOWatchDogChild]> child 921
Jan 25 14:41:06 sogod [27135]: <0x0x98407c4[WOWatchDogChild]>
(terminated due to signal 6)

I don't think this is a bug as I've installed a clean version of SOGo on
a virtual machine of similar configuration and it works fine.

I've reset the SOGo.conf so I don't think it is an error with that.


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