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Re: [SOGo] Changing display of related emails in WebGUI similar to newer TB versions

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  • From: Pascal Gienger < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Changing display of related emails in WebGUI similar to newer TB versions
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 10:04:10 +0100

Le 26/01/2012 09:41, Alessio Fattorini a écrit :
> Il 25/01/2012 21:08, Mirko Stoffers ha scritto:
>> Hi Georg,
>> in my opinion the web interface is not meant to be the primary interface
>> for extensive mail management. It is rather meant to be used on PCs
>> where you don't want (be allowed) to install a fat client since you do
>> not use them every day.
> +1

The problem lies in the wrong assumption which collides with the reality.

As I can see here, people want WEB. More, they want APP on their mobile
phone. They're not capable (or maybe not wanting) to configure their
mail App on their Pad or Phone and they try to search for an "Uni
Konstanz Mail App" (in our case).

The new paradigm for mobile devices seems to be "for each service you
need an App" and for notebooks and desktops "it has to be done with the
web browser, I don't want to install software". You notice the
schizophrenia in this?

We have plenty of users stating "I don't want to install a software on
my computer. It must run on my Internet Explorer, it has to be cloud!
*sigh*" (Cloud == application on the web browser, that's what they think!).

90% of our users take the web frontend, even at the office! We support
real mail clients, sure, but they don't want them. Web Web Web!

And if we wouldn't offer it they would go to Google, because students
can go wherever they want. We see massive people using Google Mail to
read mail stored on our servers (including storing their password at

The battle is lost, installable software on the desktop/notebook PC like
a fat mail client will decline in the time to come, only in the mobile
world of these castrated walled garden systems people are happy to spend
even dollars to buy an "App" from an "App Store" and pay money for it -
to install a fat client.

If Inverse would compile an iOS iPhone/iPad "App" for access to a SOGo
system which many nice animations and designed like a Disney software
for little children, people would buy it for $10 each. I promise it!

This App - sure - has to use a "web service" to overcome all firewalls
and narrow minded "data packs" which allow only port 80 and 443 connects.

Pascal Gienger Jabber/XMPP/Mail:

University of Konstanz, IT Services Department ("Rechenzentrum")
Building V, Room V404, Phone +49 7531 88 5048, Fax +49 7531 88 3739

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