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Re: [SOGo] CardDAV sync on iPhone

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  • From: André Schild < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] CardDAV sync on iPhone
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 21:30:30 +0100

Am 26.01.2012 20:59, schrieb Georg Bretschneider:
Hi to myself :) and everyone,

I forgot to ask about a problem. Accessing my address books via CardDav
in iOS is not a big problem (for now). But I can't use my mail address
as username, actually, I have to use the localpart - which is equal to
the corresponding uid in my LDAP database.

Server: mail.blabla:8443

Password: hackme,
is not working. But when I type "user" as the username, everything works.

Problem is, I setup a multi domain environment. Right now I did not test
what happens, if a there is a user with the same uid in the second ldap

1) One of us won't be able to access his address book, because
ldapsearch will retrieve one occurance of the uid in both databases and
the user with the correct password wins.
2) Everything will fuckin' break.
I don't know of which one will hapen (Probably variant 3!)
but it will definitively do you no good...

For CalDav the user has to type in a very long URL and than use the
localpart (or uid) as username. That works, but, to be honest, is not
very user-friendly. It should be accessible like with CardDav - just
using the mail address as username.

The only thing I CAN image to bypass this problem is to alter my SOGo
config for user authentication. I activated the option that users can
login to the WebGUI with their email address, which then will be
translated to localpart-->uid, rest-->nirvana for the LDAP query. So, I
hoped that this will allow me to use my email address as username with

I'm a little stuck here.
In a multi domain setup you have no other choice than have UNIQUE user names.
Simplest (and best to remember for the users) is to use the email address as login name.

Other examples would be to have the users like: user1_company1, user1_company2 etc.
But users will be more happy with just havin to enter the email address as loginname.


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