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Re: [SOGo] SOGo keeps falling over when previously fine

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  • From: Martin Rabl < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] SOGo keeps falling over when previously fine
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 16:00:43 +0100

Maybe you get it easier: limiting the sent ics-events.
SOGo gives you all stored events in one file, but this is IMHO generated from the database.

Maybe it is possible to insert an optional Option ;-) "SOGoLimitIcsEventsToLastXWeeks", configured with the count of Weeks with events, you will get max. in a ICS, "26" could be the half year back, "0" (or unset) the current behaviour, the future events are exported like now.

A bit like "SOGoFreeBusyDefaultInterval" ...

Idea for 1.3.12 ;-)


Am 27.01.12 15:52, schrieb Julian Robbins:
On 27/01/12 14:12, Alessio Fattorini wrote:
Is there any possibility to delete old events? It's very unfrequently
to need old events ( es. > 1 year)
Less events less cache

+1 Yes, I think this would be a very useful feature ...

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