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[SOGo] slapd "connection_read(): no connection!" warnings

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  • From: Georg Bretschneider < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] slapd "connection_read(): no connection!" warnings
  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 13:52:48 +0100

Hi everyone,

for some time now I could see reoccuring warnings in my syslog:
Jan 28 11:04:25 xxx slapd[xxxxx]: connection_read(xx): no connection!

I digged around a little bit and did not find anything on the mailing
list or the bug tracker. (I hope I'm not mistaken, otherwise: sorry!)

Reading the following links:
these warnings could have been caused by an application that did not
properly unbind from a ldap ressource.

Or, as mentoined in the second link:
"This also happens when the connection manager queues up a thread to
handle a "socket is readable" event on a socket that's in the process
of closing. Pretty much unavoidable, when a lot of threads are
active. I don't see this as a high enough priority to warrant fixing."

I'm not sure whether this is something you already know, already solved
or might think of as a possible bug in SOGo, therefore I didn't open a
ticket. :) (Again, I couldn't find anything.)

Btw: yes, currently, SOGo is the only application using my ldap database.


  • [SOGo] slapd "connection_read(): no connection!" warnings, Georg Bretschneider, 01/28/2012

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