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Re: [SOGo] ANN: automx - automated mail account configuration

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  • From: Patrick Ben Koetter < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] ANN: automx - automated mail account configuration
  • Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 09:08:34 +0100

* Alessio Cecchi
< >:
> Il 29/02/2012 20:43, Patrick Ben Koetter ha scritto:
> >SOGo Users,
> >
> >I am pleased to announce automx, a tool that makes setting up a mail
> >account
> >easy. All your users need to provide is real name, mail address and
> >password.
> >Their mail client and automx will safely handle the rest.
> >
> >automx runs on your server and handles mail account profile requests from
> >your
> >mail clients. It unifies Microsofts and Mozillas mail account provisioning
> >standards in one powerful Open Source tool. Choose from many backends,
> >including LDAP and SQL, and let automx create standard and individualized
> >profiles for multiple domains on the fly!
> >
> >automx is Open Source software released under GPL3.
> >
> >More on
> >
> >p@rick
> >
> Very usefull tool, what is the protocol, behind automx, that make
> transparent the configuration for clients from different vendors?

Glad you like it!

automx unifies two proprietary standards from Microsoft and Mozilla. Both
use http(s) for client and server communication. Mozilla uses a GET request
and transmits a mail address. Microsoft uses a POST request and sends an XML
file which may contain more than a mail address.

Microsoft and Mozilla send their data to different URLs. That makes it easy to
tell them apart and return something they will accept as account profile. In
either case the server (automx) sends an XML response. You can use the
automx-test comnand line tool to see what automx turns back like this:

$ automx-test


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