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Re: [SOGo] Re: "Vacation messages expiration" problem

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Re: "Vacation messages expiration" problem
  • Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 15:46:23 -0500
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Do you set in yours /etc/imapd.conf (Debian with Cyrus), your sogo user as "sieve_admins" ?

2012/3/1 Khapare Joshi < "> >

I am having similar problem. created user called sogo in imap server and added in sieve_admins group. then in my cronjob i added as :

0 * * * *    /usr/sbin/sogo-tool expire-autoreply sogo:sogopassword

am i missing something ?

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Louis-Philippe Gauthier < " target="_blank"> > wrote:

I forgot to set the user in the sieve_admins on my Imap Server...


2012/2/23 Louis-Philippe Gauthier < " target="_blank"> >

I setup the cronjob for "Vacation messages expiration" and I get this error message: 

<0x0x91c7990[SOGoCache]> Cache cleanup interval set every 300.000000 seconds
<0x0x91c7990[SOGoCache]> Using host(s) 'localhost' as server(s)
2012-02-22 15:34:57.788 sogo-tool[8962] failure. Attempting with a renewed password (no authname supported)
2012-02-22 15:34:57.789 sogo-tool[8962] Could not login 'usager1' on Sieve server: <0x0x91fb880[NGSieveClient]: socket=<NGActiveSocket[0x0x9202740]: mode=rw address=<0x0x9203cb8[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host=sogoserver port=56174> connectedTo=<0x0x92001c0[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host=ImapServerIP port=4190>>>: (nil)
2012-02-22 15:34:57.792 sogo-tool[8962] An error occured while removing auto-reply of user usager1

The Sieve and IMAP server are not on the SOGo server.

On my test server, everything are on localhost and it works fine.


Louis-Philippe Gauthier

Louis-Philippe Gauthier

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