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Re: [SOGo] ANN: sogosync - Open Source ActiveSync with caldav and cardav backend

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] ANN: sogosync - Open Source ActiveSync with caldav and cardav backend
  • Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 11:06:12 +0200

Hi Heiner,

Which Nokia are you using?
Is it a Windows Phone or Symbian?
If so which version?
Could you provide the debug.txt file without your username and pass.


Le 31/03/2012 09:30, Heiner Markert wrote:
Am Tuesday 27 March 2012 11:01:24 schrieb xbgmsharp:
SOGo Users,

This is a follow up on from this thread.
'[SOGo] Why not move from Funambol to Z-Push? Many features will be
obtained.', /msg08451.html
even farther from this reply, /msg08828.html,
on the same

I am pleased to announce sogosync, It is an unmodified Z-Push from svn
upstream (1.5.x branch) with caldav and cardav backend.

So far it is a read-only carddav and caldav and support multiple
addressbook and calendar.
I have also made the configuration easier with preconfigure file
working against
'public' addressbook are skip as they are provide by LDAP Z-push
Email (IMAP) and GAL (Global Address List) support are provide by
standard Z-push backend.

It has been tested on iOS 5.0.1.

It is Open Source software released under AGPLv3 and host on

Please feel free to feedback, contribute to the code, sponsor or

More on

Kind regards,

I tried sogosync today with a nokia device with the following results:

E-Mail sync seems to work fine.
Contacts: I never got any contact transferred to the phone. In debug.txt, I
was able to see that the two address books where found by the carddav
backend, but it did never detect any changes to these addressbooks, so
nothing was transferred.
Calendar: Events get transferred to the phone, but only from the personal
calendar -- multiple calendars did not work. In debug.txt, it states that the
exporting calendar was "c/personal", so unfortunately the caldav backend did
not seem to detect my other calendars.
I did not test task synchronisation.

Can anyone give me any hints how I can get contact and multiple calendar sync

Thanks a lot for the work - if it is finished, this is a long awaited
extension to sogo!

Best regards

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