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Re: [SOGo] bindAsCurrentUser new background to my question

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] bindAsCurrentUser new background to my question
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 21:56:38 -0400

Le 12-05-22 17:38, Christian Rößner a écrit :
Now my question: Does SOGo use part of the DN to create the SQL-databases or
handle the session stuff? If so that would explain, why I still can use SOGo
with some global admin LDAP user, but not with bindAsCurrentUser. And if so,
is there a chance to rename the tables that this matches again?
I know you did your own tests and reach your own conclusion, but I would like to provide a formal response to that...

The short answer is: no, the DN does not matter at all. And the long answer is that when generating table names, the "sogo" prefix is taken as well as the 8 first characters (or less) from the value of UIDFieldName, a unique counter that increments at each creations and then the unix timestamp during which the operation occurs.

Therefore, as long as all your users keep the same value of UIDFieldName, all their data will be kept intact. This is why, on the other hand, a multi-domain configuration must ensure that all uid are unique, even between domains.


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