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Re: [SOGo] SOGo doesn't display email anymore

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  • From: James James < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] SOGo doesn't display email anymore
  • Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 10:36:29 +0200

After some investigations I've got this error message :

2012-05-25 20:41:35.733 sogod[5485] WARNING: IMAP4 connection pooling is disabled!
May 25 20:41:35 sogod [5485]: [ERROR] <0x0x1894488[NGImap4ConnectionManager]> IMAP4 login failed:, user=user, pwd=yes
  url="imap:// /INBOX/"> /INBOX/
  = <0x0x1875f98[NGImap4Client]: login=user(pwd) socket=<NGActiveSocket[0x0x1868b38]: mode=rw address=<0x0x1886398[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host= port=40284> connectedTo=<0x0x1869f48[NGInternetSocketAddress]: port=143>>>
2012-05-25 20:41:35.798 sogod[5485] Note(NGImap4Connection): using '/' as the IMAP4 folder separator.
May 25 20:41:35 sogod [5485]: <0x0188AEE8[SOGoMailFolder]:folderINBOX> renewing imap4 password
May 25 20:41:35 sogod [5485]: [ERROR] <0x0x1894488[NGImap4ConnectionManager]> IMAP4 login failed:, user=user, pwd=yes
  url="imap:// /INBOX/"> /INBOX/
  = <0x0x1895d68[NGImap4Client]: login=user(pwd) socket=<NGActiveSocket[0x0x187fc08]: mode=rw address=<0x0x187fcf8[NGInternetSocketAddress]: host= port=40285> connectedTo=<0x0x1895f08[NGInternetSocketAddress]: port=143>>>
May 25 20:41:35 sogod [5485]: [ERROR] <0x0188AEE8[SOGoMailFolder]:folderINBOX> Could not connect IMAP4

Can somebody help me ?

2012/5/23 James James < " target="_blank"> >
Thanks for this information.

I have checked may sogo config file and everything seems to be ok.

Some strange thing : when I downgrade Sogo to version 1.3.14 my mails come back and everything works like usual.

Maybe the solution is to deal with a sogo 1.3.14 . :)


2012/5/23 Christian Rößner < " target="_blank"> >

> Ok. I will try that.

I had a similar problem. But not SOGo-version related. I activated the ChangePassword feature in SOGo and tested it. After this, I had the exact same situation on my machine. Calendars were still working, but mail disappeared. Checking the userPassword field in LDAP, I saw that the password was written in clear text and not SSHA. So all my mail services quit working with that password scheme. Are you using some kind of encrypted passwords and did you use the SOGo option I talked about?

-Christian Rößner

Bachelor of Science Informatik
Nahrungsberg 81, 35390 Gießen
F: +49 641 5879091, M: +49 176 93118939
USt-IdNr.: DE225643613

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