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Re: [SOGo] Limitations of Thunderbird address book

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  • From: Till Dörges < >
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  • Cc: Christian Mack < >
  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Limitations of Thunderbird address book
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 18:14:33 +0200
  • Organization: PRESENSE Technologies GmbH

Hi Christian,

thanks for your answer.

On 22.06.2012 23:09, Christian Mack wrote:
> Am 14.06.2012 02:05, schrieb Till Dörges:

>> Unfortunately it appears that the TB address book is rather limited (2
>> e-mail addr.
>> and 4 phone numbers at most). What happens to contacts (coming from the
>> phone for
>> example) that exceed those limits?
> Thunderbird is limited at the moment.
> If you have address parts on other devices, which don't fit, they will
> not be synchronised yet.

So does it work like this, when I sync my device with SOGo? IOW, "phone A5"
exists on the device but not in SOGo?

[device] ---> [SOGo]
- entry A - entry A
- phone A1 - phone A1
- phone A2 - phone A2
- phone A3 - phone A3
- phone A4 - phone A4
- phone A5

And if I make any changes in SOGo to "entry A" and sync the other way, I'd
that "phone A5" on the device is actually deleted?

> SOGo has the same limitations as Thunderbird by the way.

I understand that the current limitations are due to TB. But, FWIW, if a
version without these limitations existed, I'd seriously consider buying it.

> But there is development under way, to change this on the mozilla side.
> They are currently rewriting most of the address book in Thunderbird.
> One goal of this is to remove these restrictions.

Yes, I searched the web a bit for that. But my first impression is that
there is rather slow.

> At the moment we all have to wait, sorry.

Understood. I guess I'll check how many of the above entries I actually have,
generally SOGo made a solid first impression. :-)

Thanks again.

Regards -- Till
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