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Re: [SOGo] CardDAV iPhone

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  • From: Marc Patermann < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] CardDAV iPhone
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 16:58:16 +0200


Marc Patermann schrieb (24.07.2012 11:05 Uhr):
Marc Patermann schrieb (23.07.2012 09:55 Uhr):
Slávek Banko schrieb (20.07.2012 16:30 Uhr):
Dne pá 20. července 2012 Marc Patermann napsal(a):

I successfully connected an iPhone to SOGo via CardDAV. The iPhone is
not complaining about the connection. A Virtualhost on port 8800 is
active. I see OPTION and PROFIND action in Apache accesslog and in
sogo.log for /SOGo/dav/test1/.
Here is the log. Is seem there is a loop at "67%", whatever that is. - - [24/Jul/2012:10:51:29 GMT] "PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/test1/ HTTP/1.1" 207 536/439 0.008 1661 67% 0
Compared to the CalDAV access here the actual ressources - like the calendar or address book - should be found. But it stops here.

Jul 24 11:00:19 sogod [7878]: <[so-security]>D possible roles for permission 'access contents information': Authenticated, PublicUser
Jul 24 11:00:19 sogod [7878]: <[so-security]>D got user: <0x0x2486ce0[SOGoUser]: login=test1 roles=Authenticated,Anonymous>)
Jul 24 11:00:19 sogod [7878]: <[so-security]>D user roles: Authenticated,Anonymous,Owner
Jul 24 11:00:19 sogod [7878]: <[so-security]>D found a valid role: 'Authenticated'.
Jul 24 11:00:19 sogod [7878]: <[so-security]>D successfully validated permission 'access contents information'.
Jul 24 11:00:19 sogod [7878]: <[so-security]>D successfully validated object (perm=access contents information).
Compared to the CalDAV access this is role "Authenticated" and not "Owner" as it should be, shouldn't it?


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