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[SOGo] Redundant SOGo servers on multiple locations/sites

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  • From: Peter Schmidt < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Redundant SOGo servers on multiple locations/sites
  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 10:50:28 +0100

Hi everybody!

We are planning to replace our MS AD Domain (+ external POP3 mail server) setup with Samba4 and SOGo.
The challenging part is, that we have two offices at different locations, each should be able to operate redundantly/independently to reduce load on the internet. Userdata, Profiles and Mail/Calendar need to be in sync.
We thought of syncing data/directories via GlusterFS and databases (for SOGo) via MySQL replication. Dovecot as a mail server can be replicated using dsync [1].
The clients are Windows XP/7 and will likely use Thunderbird as a Mail-Client, but we need MS Exchange-Connectivity for 3rd party services running on some Windows servers.
Most Clients/Users are stationary at one site, but some are moving between the 2 locations.
Optimally the profiles and mails are synced and the local server is chosen dynamically (possibly via DNS).
For handling incoming/outgoing mail traffic, the current external mail server could be used as a relay, but we would love to avoid that.

So basically my questions are:
*) has anybody of you done something like this before and has encountered problems that can be avoided
*) Can multiple SOGo servers handle the same domain, based on a Primary/Backup-DC setup of samba4
*) Can SOGo Databases be synced on the fly?

Any help or experience report is appreciated!

Thanks in advance and best regards,



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