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[SOGo] DAV authentication with e-mail address

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  • From: Yoann Gini < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] DAV authentication with e-mail address
  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 12:19:51 +0100


It’s my first e-mail on the list, so first, a small introduction of myself.

I’m a french Apple certified trainer and consultant and also a developer on
OS X and iOS, working in freelance since 2008. For different reasons, I work
on a FreeBSD box to build a draft of a full OS X Server replacement.

My choice for replace webmail and CalDAV / CardDAV is SOGo.

My directory service is build like that:
— OpenLDAP for identities with a userPassword build set to use SASL as
authentication backend
— SASLauthd set to use PAM
— PAM set to use LDAP for account and Kerberos for authentication

On my LDAP, my user have one main uid, set as username, and a second one, as
an alias, is the e-mail address. Like that, on my server I can reach good
informations with the command id using the username or the e-mail address.
Even the su command allow me to switch to my user using the e-mail address.

On the previous 2.0.2 version of SOGo, the web interface was fully functional
with the main uid or the second as username, but not the WebDAV.

Today, with 2.0.2a, SOGo, from the web interface or the DAV access accept
only the main uid.

Someone can tell me how I can fix that ? In the end, I will have a bunch of
alias in my LDAP for my users and I need to be able to authenticate users
from any of them.

Best regards,
Yoann Gini.

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  • [SOGo] DAV authentication with e-mail address, Yoann Gini, 11/29/2012

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