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[SOGo] Moving Calendar from User-A to User-B

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  • From: "Ron Yacketta" < >
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  • Subject: [SOGo] Moving Calendar from User-A to User-B
  • Date: 29 Nov 2012 09:13:05 -0500

We are in the final stages of going live with SOGo and have a couple puddles to jump, one of which is public calendars.

Our current thought is to have departmental calendars created / owned by department heads office assistants , this in itself causes an issue when the user leaves leaving the calendar owned by no one. The calendar could be exported / imported via SOGo WebUI except once the user has left it would be very difficult to access the account (LDAP Auth). Another option is to create a caladm account and have all the public calendars created / owned by that user, this in itself has its pros and cons as well.

Looking into moving calendars I started poking around SOGo code/ PSQL DB and came up with a few SQL commands that could be used to move a calendar from User-A to User-B. Using the commands in our dev setup I can reliably move calendars between users, but hesitant to mess with our production DB directly and would like some feedback / insight regarding the following SQL commands and if their is a better way to accomplish this (sogo-tool?)

update sogo_folder_info set c_path2='postgresql://******:**********@' where c_foldername='CAL-NAME';
update sogo_folder_info set c_path2='USER_B' where c_foldername='CAL-NAME';
update sogo_folder_info set c_location='postgresql://******:**********@' where c_foldername='CAL-NAME';
update sogo_folder_info set c_quick_location='postgresql://******:**********@' where c_foldername='CAL-NAME';
update sogo_folder_info set c_acl_location='postgresql://******:**********@' where c_foldername='CAL-NAME';
update sogoUSER_B003420da128_acl set c_object='/USER_B/Calendar/6504-4FD0E580-1-389A65C0';

* Validate updates
select * from sogo_folder_info where c_foldername = 'CAL-NAME';

*renaming tables is not required but keeps the DB clean and uniformed
alter table sogoUSER_A003420da128 rename to sogoUSER_B003420da128;
alter table sogoUSER_A003420da128_acl rename to sogoUSER_B003420da128_acl;
alter table sogoUSER_A003420da128_quick rename to sogoUSER_B003420da128_quick;

*Could recreate pkey's as well, but that should not be required



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