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Re: [SOGo] samba dies with outlook 2012 [and 2010]

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  • From: Marco Coli < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] samba dies with outlook 2012 [and 2010]
  • Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 14:20:00 +0100

Il 29/01/2013 19:14, Ludovic Marcotte ha scritto:
On 29/01/13 09:54, Marco Coli wrote:
/usr/sbin/samba: Uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException, reason: Tried to add nil to array
Install the SOGo/SOPE/GNUstep debugging packages, run samba inside gdb using a single process, set a breakpoint on 'raise' and produce a nice looking stacktrace.

Sorry for late answer. Unfortunately I have very little time in this month.
I finally manage to solve the problem. I discovered that there was an authentication problem for that user in the cyrus imapd service. The openchange message "Uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException, reason: Tried to add nil to array" was not helping in finding the real problem, but the cyrus log was.
My fault.

Anyway, I found a litte dangerous that in situations like that one, samba dies, leaving the whole AD infrastracture upside-down.

Now I am testing, before to go to production, the environment, and I did find that is quite easy to create a problem in openchange and cause samba to die.
For example, a few minute ago I create a new user, create an outlook profile, all ok. then
1) I create a new folder "Test" in web
2) Sync outlook, Test appears as expeceted
3) Create a Subfolder of Test, named Test1 via web
4) Sync outlook, no test1 appears. The same closing and restarting
5) play a litte moving one message back and forth via web from test an test1. No change in Outlook (i see the message when in test, not being able to see test1)
6) create a new subfolder ot test, named test2, in outlook.
7) after first sync, outlook crashes and samba panic.
In 5 minute I created a system crisis!
I had to close outlook, clean the oc user, restart samba, and recreate local outlook profile

The main problem, for me of course, is that a problem with a user paralizes the whole infrastracture.

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