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Re: [SOGo] SOGo Connector for Seamonkey

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] SOGo Connector for Seamonkey
  • Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 18:31:11 +0100

Paul Muster schrieb:
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On 04.02.2013 16:02, 
Paul Muster schrieb:

SOGo Connector 17.0.2 works great with Thunderbird. But it also can be
used with Seamonkey 2.14. One has to change two things:

Tried your solution, which worked fine with Seamonkey 2.14.1
You can now add a shared sogo address book using the Menu File - New -
Thanks for this feedback. Nice to hear that it works somewhere else, too.

But the more comfortable way to do this by using the ADD-Buttons and
chosing address books from a list  by typing an email-adress or a part
of it is missing.

Which changes in sogo-connector are necessary to make this work in
The point you are talking about is something that has to be done only
_once_ per addressbook (if I understood you correctly). So I think that
this is not the biggest problem of SOGo Connector with Seamonkey.


Perhaps I was not clear enough:
Seamonkey 2.14.1 + Lightning 1.9 + sogo-integrator and -connector 17.0.2 were already installed here and running with complete functionality regarding shared Calenders.

But adding shared Adressbooks was only possible by using the File-Menu and after editing file: sogo-connector/addressbook/addressbook.groupdav.overlay.xul, like described by Paul.
The clickable "add-addressbook.png" (similar to lightning) for example was missing, the function of searching and browsing shared adressbooks was missing, we need this for the users.

Error console in Seamonkey now showed "Undefined Entity"  <menuitem id="dirTreeContext-delete" in file\chrome\content\addressbook\addressbook-overlay.xul   Line 62

After an experimental commenting out of the following three lines the adressbook-overlay was loaded o.k and all functions are available in Seamonkey as well.
  <menuitem id="dirTreeContext-delete"

I'll try to find out the correct entrys for seamonkey,



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