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RE: [SOGo] Help needed, making a real admin tool for SOGO, needs commands.

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  • Subject: RE: [SOGo] Help needed, making a real admin tool for SOGO, needs commands.
  • Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 21:48:54 +0000
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Me personally, it's a personal quest to abolish all things not open source
from my workplace (I'm the IT admin/programmer/database/mail guy). I've got
spiceworks taking care of watching my network and inventory, and exchange
deciding not to send mail on random days at around 11am without reason or any
real help in the logs. I've already moved from SCO OpenServer 5 -> Ubuntu
8.04 and had great success, this is the next logical step.

I knew what it was from the start, it's basically just a webmail type website
that works with a bunch of common mail servers and other projects allowing
for outlook connections. In my case my only benefit would be sleep, and I
like sleeping. I was kind of hoping it would just work like webmin, but I see
your point about people wanting to roll out their own solutions.

At this point I'm just wondering if I can just do cyrus + postfix +
OpenChange. I only need IMAP,MAPI,SMTP,DNS (to make it independent), backups
and built in authentication. To be honest, the less the better.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken and cannot do the 3 things above without
sogo gluing them together. I realize some people need a web interface, we got
outlook and phones so we don't need that.

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Subject: Re: [SOGo] Help needed, making a real admin tool for SOGO, needs

On 21/02/2013 18:39, Mark Madere wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have looked through all the posts on this topic and I would like to add
> my two cents (, as we say in the US). I think many people commenting on
> this thread misunderstand SOGo and ZEG.
> From the ZEG download page:
> "The ZEG (Zero Effort Groupware) edition of SOGo is intended to provide a
> complete out-of-the-box testing environment of SOGo, the Open Source
> messaging and calendaring software."
> From the SOGo home page:
> "SOGo is fully supported and trusted groupware server with a focus on
> scalability and open standards. ... SOGo is the missing component of your
> infrastructure; it sits in the middle of your servers to offer your users
> an uniform and complete interface to access their information."
> So what does that mean? It means ZEG is a virtual appliance to help you
> understand how SOGo works so you can setup your own servers. It means
> that SOGo is not a mail server. It is not a directory server. It is not a
> database server. It means that it has no users to manage.
> If you are looking to use a testing environment like ZEG as a production
> server I think you will be disappointed that it lacks the features required
> for production. If you are looking to build your own production server,
> then SOGo can be a great component along side other components. The beauty
> of SOGo is that it can be configured to work with many systems. And
> because of that there is no way that SOGo can manage users from every
> directory/database/posix/etc. server. It is up to each administrator to
> setup and manage their mail servers, users accounts, databases, etc.. the
> way they want.
> I hope this helps clarify what ZEG and SOGo are, and what they are not.
> Mark
> ps: If you are looking for turn-key solutions that includes SOGo, there are
> companies that can help you with that. If you want to roll your own
> solution and need help Inverse can provide you commercial support.
I think you have explained what we all know very well and it is the problem
we are trying to solve. We want to roll our own turn key solution.

I don't know where open source software comes from or why. However I think
it's significant that the components are free but putting it together into
something someone can use costs money.

I want to build servers for my customers and charge them money. However I
don't mind freely helping people with what I have learned so they can build
servers for their customers.

If someone is making money from charging us server builders money so we can
build servers, they are not going to be very happy if we figure out how to
help each other for free. Hence why ZEG is not a full turn key solution. If
it was an ISO it would be closer, hence it's a VM.

I think I probably need to change my entire world view.


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