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Re: [SOGo] New Samba4/OpenChange/Sogo tutorial

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] New Samba4/OpenChange/Sogo tutorial
  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:36:33 +0000

On 26/02/13 12:54, Olivier Bitsch wrote:
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No better, but not worth, I got a different message now (see the attached file for the log), but Samba4 stills a little bit unstable.

Aditionnaly, each time I open Outlook, it create multiple time the same folder.


2013/2/26 Olivier Bitsch < " target="_blank"> >
Thanks for you answer,

I will try PostGreSQL instead Mysql and come to you once tested. If it's better, I will  update my tutorial.

Best regards.


2013/2/26 Wayland Sothcott < " target="_blank"> >
On 26/02/2013 11:39, Olivier Bitsch wrote:
Hi all,

I just finished to write a tutorial in order to install Samba4/OpenChange/Sogo on Ubuntu/Debian, available at

(only available in french yet).

Basically, you can build your self a ZEG machine, but with Share/Domain Controller working, withtout OpenLDAP (only one directory on Samba4), and simplified way to create users. Also I only use packages provided by to install the softwares.

I'll very happy if you can test and let comments.

Best regards.

Excellent work Olivier, I am going to build one today and get back to the list with the results. Microsoft Babel Fish seems to make a good job of converting your French into English but it's easy enough to follow anyway.



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Boys, why don't you use official openchange installation method

It covers samba4, openchange, sogo and all the other relevant soft installation from source which is the recommended way to go :)

Nice and easy tutorial.

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