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Re: [SOGo] Re: just gone live with sogo, and keep getting 100% cpu usage... :-(

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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Re: just gone live with sogo, and keep getting 100% cpu usage... :-(
  • Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 07:23:08 -0400

On 04/04/13 05:00, Thibault Le Meur wrote:
" type="cite">I've had the same issue sometimes on squeeze, x64, SOGo 2.0.4b.
Rebootting the server was the only way to get back to a working SOGo.
You just loose evidences by doing this. There are two possibilities for SOGo using 100% CPU:
  1. the parent process is trying to find a free child and all of them are busy because of slow subsystems (LDAP, database, IMAP server, SMTP server or even remote HTTP servers for remote ICS subscriptions). If all children are busy, the parent process will spin so quickly it'll consume 100% CPU, appearing stuck, while it isn't ;
  2. a child process has gone awry because of a broken subsystem or a bug in the code. Most of the time, it's due to unhandled IMAP "traffic" (abrupt connection close due to server bugs, broken server responses, broken mails not passed by correctly by the server, etc.). The IMAP code should be more resilient to this, but sope-mime is just horrible, and should eventually be replaced by the much cleaner Pantomime framework.
1. can be tuned quite easily, by carefully increasing the workers limit.

2. is a bug. When it happens, simply attach to the child process and produce a stack trace. Then, file a bug report with all the relevant data, including the culprit email message (which can be found in the sogo.log file). All of this is documented here:

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