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[SOGo] LDAP multiple mail fields and address book

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  • From: Alessio Fattorini < >
  • To: Sogo < >
  • Subject: [SOGo] LDAP multiple mail fields and address book
  • Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 15:12:49 +0200

In our new LDAP scheme we have this multiple mail fields for every user or group:


mail: alessio.fattorini@progetto****.it

mail: alessio@progetto***.it

It works when i want to send an email, i can choose my sendere from this aliases, but otherwise if i search "alessio" from address book or auto-completation, sogo suggests me only the FIRST mail field, in the example above.
* i can't search or find others mail fields
* if the first mail field is not the primary email address, i can't choose another

Can you help me on this?

This is my users LDAP configuration

id = users;
type = ldap;
CNFieldName = cn;
IDFieldName = uid;
UIDFieldName = uid;
canAuthenticate = YES;
bindDN = "cn=sogo,dc=directory,dc=nh";
bindPassword = "$ldapPassword";
baseDN = "ou=People,dc=directory,dc=nh";
filter = "accountStatus=active";
scope = "ONE";
hostname = ldapi://;
displayName = "$SystemName users";
isAddressBook = YES;


Alessio Fattorini - Nethesis srl

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