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Re: [SOGo] Php-push2 - Active Sync

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  • From: Fabio Onorini < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Php-push2 - Active Sync
  • Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 14:12:35 +0200

PHP2-push does not use php-MAPI libraries.
Only the project ZPUSH of Zarafa need it.

2013/4/17 Andy Tuinman < " target="_blank"> >

Thanks i just installed it.
The only problem is it can't find mapi for php and i don't know how to install it or disable it when not needed.

Do you know ?

Op 17 apr. 2013 12:01 schreef "Fabio Onorini" < " target="_blank"> > het volgende:
Follow instruction on INSTALL of project.

Edit file config.php, my CALDAV section is:

// ******************************
// BackendCalDAV settings
// ******************************
// %u is replaced by the username
// Using HTTPS URL is recommended
define('CALDAV_PORT', '443');
define('CALDAV_PATH', '/SOGo/dav/%u/Calendar/');
define('CALDAV_PERSONAL', 'personal');
// Will ignore any change made on the mobile (true|false)
define('CALDAV_READONLY', false);

Edit backend/caldav.php, and replace row (in Logon function):

$this->_caldav = new CalDAVClient(CALDAV_SERVER . ":" . CALDAV_PORT . $this->_caldav_path, $username, $password);

$url = "str_replace('%u'," $username, CALDAV_URL);
$this->_caldav = new CalDAVClient($url, $username, $password);

bye bye

2013/4/17 Andy Tuinman < " target="_blank"> >

Can you please tell me the steps to do this i would love exchange and calendar to work. I don't care about contacts

Thank you

Op 17 apr. 2013 10:53 schreef "Fabio Onorini" < " target="_blank"> > het volgende:
I don'know if this is correctly mailing list for this issus.

On my sogo+openchange server I'm trying  PHP-push2 project.

After some changes in configuration file, the service start correctly and I can Add Exchange account on my devices.

Mail and calendar apps are work correctly, but I can't use the addressbook.

After some changes on backend carddav file, on IPad and IPhone can use also contacts, but on Android (2.3.6 and 4.1) and Windows phone devices doesn't works.

With carddav app on android I can correctly sync my contacts, but I wouldn't use it.

Can someone help me?
Have you my same problems?

Fabio Onorini

Fabio Onorini

Fabio Onorini

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